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I'm sat here at the start of this paragraph, with cursor blinking, and have been so for some time, trying to conceive a way to express how important music is to me. Yet, I know I will fail. Ironically, I believe it is a message that only music can express - and I am not yet that much a maestro. But, one day, maybe. For now, I invite you to listen (and criticise if you will) my attempts so far.

Impulse Tracker II homepage | download
This was the leader of my orchestra. Unlike sequencers, such as Cubase, IT is a DOS tracker - the music takes a grid form, and in addition to MIDI output, sounds can come from the internal sampler. In an effort to recapture the unique user experience of this program, I began the reViSiT project in 2003.

music my albums

As the list of albums below suggests, I have been writing music for some time, the genres ranging from classical through heavy metal and rave to drum 'n' bass. Life has kept me busy since 2004, but I'm hoping the new decade will yield some time for penning some more tunes. Click the covers for track lists, descriptions, images and MP3's for each album...

the tcd collection (2004)

Not an album, in the true sense, but a précis of my works at Trinity College, Dublin. These are a collection of studies and exercises, though each a piece in its own right - and includes my best work to date. Pieces include my first foray into live recording, synthesizer design and a return to more classical orchestration, plus a couple of more unique projects.

vorsprung durch musik (2002)

Most tracks on this album have been mixed, providing over one solid hour of my best work at the time. The mastering has also been substantially improved since the last album, though the DOS heritage of the music shows. As such, there's lots of musical ideas here that I keep hoping to "revisit" someday...

all good things (2000)

There's an incredible variety of styles on this CD, perhaps too many for one album - club, Irish, easy, drum n' bass and more. Nonetheless it charts a big leap towards professional sounding music - if, as a couple of reviews hinted, a bit weak in the final mixing. With these tunes, my music has begun to take on a quality other than the somewhat sentimental fact that I carved it with my own hands...

chronology (1998)

Almost all the tracks on this collection pre-date the arrival of MIDI synthesizers to my 'studio' - and it shows. However, some tracks formed the foundation of later album pieces, and I believe others are worthy of a re-hash one day. Also includes a small classical suite.


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