After spending as much time on the Internet as I have, you get to know your way around. Below, is, in my opinion, the crème de la crème of what the Internet has to offer, in general, for music and for computers. A few links to clients' sites also reside at the bottom.

links general
Now "Google Groups" this engine will search the majority of newsgroup messages posted in the last half-decade. If you want some information, you can usually find it or links to it here. Google groups can also be used to post to a newsgroup online.
A great, balanced, round-up of current affairs and sport across the world, as well as a source for live radio and TV streams (sometimes UK only).

Amazon is a world famous book and media retailer - able to get foreign and rare items that you won't find in the shop. Invariably, its cheaper too. With pictures and user reviews of almost every product, finding what you want is easy.

Fantastic source of software and information for a variety of musical needs. Since 2004, no longer updated, but still maintained.
A flabberghasting archive of 120,000+ tracker modules, free to download, listen, tear apart, rate, etc. Even with an option to download the entire kaboodle...
Totally independent (and free) resource on all things musical. If you're thinking of buying an instrument (especially a synthesizer) go here now. For each keyboard / synth, you'll find at least half-a-dozen review from actual users! For owners, you'll find links to resources on the internet for your gear. Fantastic!
Korg, makers of the Trinity series keyboards (among other gear) keep this trendy website for updates, products and support. The frequent interviews with today's music artists also make for interesting reading (A440, Chemical Brothers, Phil Collins, etc.).
Yamaha, one of (if not the) greatest music companies in the world. A practical website with the lowdown on new (and old) products, plus downloads and manuals.
For every classic synth, you'll find a community of users who discuss and share ideas and software and gear and... etc. For the EX5/EX5R/EX7, you'll find a handful of saints - people who put hours upon hours of their free time into helping other users (giving technical support / making downloadable voices... scrub that... downloadable orchestras). This site is their home.


links computers /
Information on Microsoft and its products, including an unparalleled knowledge base of solutions to common (and uncommon) problems with Windows, Office, etc.
Information on web technologies (including ASP) Access, and general developer knowledge for both MS and universal developing technologies.
Britain's best solution for web site hosting. Great flexibility and prices plus truly superb technical support. Domains, ASP, ODBC, email, WebMail, CGI and all the TLA's (three-letter abbreviations) you can think of!
Save a trip to to find the lowest computer hardware prices and just go straight to Dabs. Huge range, best prices and free delivery. Furthermore, now you can buy with complete confidence - product returns are no longer at cost to the consumer. 
TIP: email their Technical Support for a quick response, if you don't want to wait on the phone behind ~30 people!

For those in the UK, CCL represents a safe choice for hardware as well. Sometimes their smaller size (in comparison to companies like Dabs) and the personal touch it often encompasses hold an advantage. Very friendly and helpful.


links nashNET
Detailing the intrepid journey of a band of [well-behaved] English Football Fans as they challenge the stars of the 2002 World Cup to a good game of table football. The website was designed by nashNET.
The official website of the Dublin-based 2004 production of Hongongalongalo, a "wordless play with lights, music and action!".

Jackie Nash Genealogy
Family history from a qualified and experienced genealogist. Single problem solving to full ancestry research. Heirloom/gift presentation albums.

ROGAN JANGA: London Boat for Sale
A unique opportunity to buy a smart, well-equipped, and centrally-heated 57’ narrow boat, with mooring in the London Docklands, perfect as a pied-a-terre or live-aboard - at less than half the price of one bedroom properties in the area. It makes for a wonderful London apartment, also offering escapes to the country.



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