George would like you to meet his friend, George for Workgroups (or George W. for short). As you can see, they're pictured here having a jam session. It should be noted that George W. is not great at playing the piano, or indeed anything that demands a delicate touch, due to the fact that he has only been given the two fingers. We often have to restrain him from ruining the peace, but sometimes he gets the better of us and manages to create an awful cacophony!

Fortunately, you won't find much of George W. on this website - this section is solely dedicated to the art of music. Click a link below, or select one of the album covers, abova, to jump straight to my music.


This section has been tailor-made for those who have yet to experience the wonder of music - a chart of the top 40, in my opinion, albums around, unbiased by commerciality.
(with MP3 / MID extracts)

Most people will know that one of the few things better than listening, is playing. This section fills in a great void in music tuition; orchestra jokes - necessary, if you're going to survive playing in an ensemble.

If, in my life, I write a piece of music that sends shivers down someone's spine and they feel the way to listen to it, is to only listen to it, unengaged in any other activity, I'll die happy. Chart my progress with the MP3s in this section.



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