George isn't much good at anything but modelling, so when it comes to making things work - it's up to me. This section contains information on some of those things, plus shots from George's recent modelling jobs.

web design software

Note: As of 2002, the nashNET Web Design Service has been discontinued and is no longer available to new customers. Support is still available for existing clients, by clicking here.

nashNET Web Portfolio (no longer maintained)
See how nashNET has helped bring companies into the new millennium. This section houses an extensive collection of images and information on our past website and software projects.

music software

VST-based Tracker Interface INFO | DOWNLOAD
The best of both worlds: the power and control of tracking, united with the flexibility and dependability of industry-standard sequencers - a software project to integrate a tracker into the VST environment.

MIVI Musical Instrument Visual Interface INFO | DOWNLOAD
Fulfilling the visual void in MIDI - a software project to dynamically generate 3D instrument models from a MIDI file and recreate the performance in real-time. Now complete, this section of the nashNET website includes the documentation, executables and source code for the endeavour.

other software

A simple, but powerful, utility to find any word of phrase (or HTML tag, etc.) in the files of a whole folder, drive or website and substitute a replacement. An indispensable tool for website designers and other power computer users.

nashNET eGuinness INFO | DOWNLOAD
Swap Office Assistant* for a pint of beer. Sip, gulp and down beer as you use your computer, while receiving information on your level of sobriety.

If only humans came with pull down menus and online help. See INFO for a brief précis of George's resume, or select GALLERY for a collection of George's professionally modelled images.




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