Now that you have met and got to know George, we're ready to be introduced. Although both he and I are heavily 'involved' in computers and, at times, partial to the occasional pint of Guinness (or eGuinness, in George's case), the similarities stop there...
  Whereas computers are like an extension of my arm, George's arms are, in truth, an extension of the computer.

While George might have a third dimension, I benefit from having depth. And whilst George has been electronically engineered to be the embodiment of perfection, my parents were just lucky.
  I like computers, love traveling and adore music. Given the opportunity, I combine the first with the last. Hence, I am currently in the second year of a PhD in Computer Science and Music at the University of Cambridge, having completed an MPhil in Music & Media Technology at Trinity College, Dublin, and a BEng in Computer Science, at the University of York. More information about my musically-orientated projects for these courses can be found in the software section.

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