album vorsprung durch musik (2001/2002)

A hectic time - though I had a friend who held that adversity breeds creativity. The album is somewhat unfinished, and remains so, since the onset of a) writers' block and b) the final year of my undergraduate degree. A copy of the CD found its way to Trinity College, Dublin - as, happily, did I. In an attempt to make the album sound like a coherent opus, some of the tracks are mixed together, so forgive abrupt entrances and exits, when listening to them in isolation!


It is commonplace these days, especially on mixed 'dreamy' albums to have minute long introductory tracks (an overture, so to speak). I thought I'd toy with the idea. Does it work? Not quite. I was also thinking of getting a computer-generated/vocoded voice to speak the track list, but Jarre beat me to it.


Once upon a time, I despised jazz, but recently, as this track demonstrates, it is beginning to have a small influence. The chilled and groovy ambience provided by the bass and sax in this track make it one of my favourites - an opinion echoed be many of my 'listeners'.


Far from being the main theme for the album, Traffic is a progressive fill-in which develops over time. A recurring pattern exists throughout, changing in each carnation as drums, strings and piano weave in and out of each other. Note: for some reason parts of this track reacted badly to MP3 compression.

our island

The theme from London to Paris (on the first album) is given a new lease of life in a far more atmospheric ambient / drum n' bass incarnation. I like this track quite a bit, but that piano sound is just not lush enough...


After seeing the film Gladiator and hearing its music, I was inspired to right a some almost-symphonic incidental music. This track sees me journey back to the days when I wrote the classical suite (see first album). I'd like to hear it with less 'synthesized' instruments, so perhaps this track needs revisiting.
Note: the track reacts badly to MP3 compression, so only an excerpt is given.

en masse

The genre of this track is... I don't know actually. One might say it's hip hop without the rapping (a marked improvement). It starts with a drum beat that sounds a bit lo-fi (such is the fashion, these days) which sometimes feels a bit tacky... perhaps it isn't lo-fi enough, but the soft bass crescendos and crisp piano chords soon take over to form a good contrast for the rest of piece. 

changing lanes

I started this a while ago, then after hearing the 'throbbing' techno soundtrack of the German film 'Lola Rennt', felt inspired to finish it. It's 'intelligent', melodic techno (or is that a contradiction in terms?) and like the previous track a crescendo provides for some hopefully-not-anti-climatical build-ups in the piece.
Note: there are number of compression artefacts in the MP3 file.


This was another of my favourites. A decent mix with good bass vibes, breaks and a nice acoustic guitar riff. The only major gripe I have is, maybe, the length - it could stand to lose a minute or two, such as the Bay of Bengal reprise, maybe (see second album).

general album comments...


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